Mia and Ava- twin cake smash photography

  • Newborns

When Mia was born we had a shortlist of two names, Mia and Ava, so when mum of twins Mia and Ava I smiled a lot. I had to tell them when they were at the shoot that their names were my favourites! I have always loved the magic of twins and I am a cliche, as I have no doubt told lots of parents of twins how much I would have loved twins!

Her mum had a vision of pastels and creams and gold, I loved the styling she created. But the best bit of the shoot – their VERY unique personalities. Mia was shy at first but when she got her hands on the cake she loved it and was first to dive in, Ava grinned at me but then wasn’t sure if she was allowed to touch the cake but once I gave her a slice she quickly decided it was a good idea to eat, just like her sister. They were an absolute delight to photograph, I hope to meet them again when they are older for a family shoot!