Arties first birthday photography

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Aww happy birthday, I like his parents wonder where time goes, it literally seems five minutes since I met Artie for his newborn photography shoot, it was a real favourite and several shots feature in my portfolio… So it was madness to think this weekend he turned one! I loved doing his first birthday photography shoot, Artie has a dairy free diet, but is lucky his mummy is a VERY talented cake maker – so created the most beautiful cake complete with his favourite strawberries. She was worried as he hadn’t had cake he might not want it… how wrong could she be. Scroll down and you will see just how much Artie LOVED his cake!
artie-cake-smash-photography10 artie-cake-smash-photography11 artie-cake-smash-photography22 artie-cake-smash-photography26 artie-cake-smash-photography48 artie-cake-smash-photography31 artie-cake-smash-photography40 artie-cake-smash-photography44 artie-cake-smash-photography49 artie-cake-smash-photography52 artie-cake-smash-photography54